1)    Can I turn up at Oban Airport and take a tour?
If you are in the area you are welcome to come in and see us. Subject to availability and the flight schedule it is possible to turn up take a flight.

2)    Can I buy a voucher for a specific date?
Yes - you can confirm a date and time when booking. 

3)    How far in advance do I have to book?
It is advisable to book in advance. Subject to availability you can book on the day

4)    I want a sighseeing flight as a gift for someone, how is this done?
Gift Vouchers can be ordered over the phone and will be sent out on receipt of payment.

5)    What happens if I have to cancel?   
If you need to cancel please call us at least 24 hours prior to your flight so then we can re-arrange your flight to another date.

6)    Does the weather affect my flight?
At the Pilots discretion we may have to cancel your scenic flight due to bad weather.  We will contact you one the number you provided to advise you of any change of flying plans. In all cases Fly Scenic Scotland will contact you 24 hours prior to your flight to confirm.

7)    Can I/we take photos/video on board?
Certainly, with the views that our flights have to offer it would be wise to film or capture these memories.  However, professional film or video are available at a small addition cost.

8)    What’s the minimum age for children?
Due to the configuration of the aircrafts seat belts we are able to supply your child a ’booster seat’ so they can enjoy the flight in safety and comfort.  Therefore, we ask that your child is at least of booster seat age (3-4yrs and over).  We cannot take children without the supervision of a parent or guardian and the parent/guardian must be satisfied that the child is confident enough to fly.

9)    Is there a passenger weight/height limit?
Weight limits vary depending on the weight of individual passengers on any particular flight. If in doubt please contact us.

10)    I’m not flying but someone in my group is, are there facilities for me to wait?
Yes, Oban Airports has refreshments and restrooms facilities.

11)    OK – I want to book, what next?
Gift vouchers can be purchased by contacting a member of our staff on the number below or you can email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please note that gift vouchers must be purchased on the telephone or through an email booking.

12)    Do you fly during the winter?
Yes. Talk to our office staff to check availability.

13)    Do I need to wear warm clothes?
The cabin is heated. Dress for comfort.

14)    How do I find you?
We are easy to find - click on the following link: Directions

For all flight enquiries and booking please call us on:  tel: +44 (0)1228 573490

As mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority all flights are subject to an assessment of the weather and water conditions by the Pilot.
Occasionally, to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers we may have to cancel a service due to high winds, turbulence, poor visibility or low cloud ceilings. In most cases, a short delay is all that is required.

2. The weather is ok at my departure point why is the flight cancelled?
The weather patterns in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland can produce great differences in conditions only a few miles apart. It may be that the tour route may have weather conditions below our legal limits or that winds aloft are generating severe turbulence. Conditions can also change very quickly.

3. What weather forecasting facilities does Fly Scenic Scotland use?
At FFS, we use a multitude of aviation and marine weather web sites, however, forecasts, unless they are extreme, such as advising of an approaching hurricane, are almost always wrong to some degree.
Weather forecasts provide a big picture view of the country, but unfortunately don`t help a great deal on a local scale, particularly on the west coast and in the glens and mountains of Scotland. Actual weather reporting facilities are few and far between outside the UKs main cities.

4. What happens if your flight is cancelled?
Fly Scenic Scotland will endeavour to advise you of the situation immediately on the contact number you have supplied. Please have your mobile switched on that day.
Regrettably Fly Scenic Scotland cannot be responsible for any additional expenses incurred as a result of weather delays or cancellations - we ask our customers, particularly those breaking their tour to take special note of this clause.
Fly Scenic Scotland understands that customers may be very disappointed if weather cancels their flight, we are too, but we cannot be responsible for any personal arrangements that you might have made to fit in with your flight.

Rebooking your flight will be arranged at the time if weather has cancelled your flight.

5. Do You Fly Through the Winter Months?

Yes, however, this again is dependant on the weather conditions

Our pilots check the weather weekly looking for high pressure weather systems to take advantage of the excellent weather they can bring - it`s the pilot`s favourite flying weather.

However, sometimes the high pressure weather systems bring fog and icing which, of course, are not conducive to water operations.

Daylight hours are also reduced and we can only schedule scenic flights between 9am and 4pm

6. Can we take photographs and videos whilst on board?
Yes, with the most amazing landmarks and scenery on view it would be wise to film or capture these memories - don`t forget to charge your batteries - we only ask that you don`t press your camera against the window as it tends to scratch the glass.

7. What is the minimum age for children?
Due to the configuration of the aircrafts seat beats we are able to supply your child a ‘Booster seat’ so as they can enjoy the flight in comfort and safety.  Therefore we ask that your child is at least of a booster seat age (3-4yrs).  However, we cannot take a child without supervision of a parent or guardian and must be satisfied that the child is confident enough to fly.

8. How do I buy tickets for a specific date?
Unfortunately due to unpredictable weather conditions and aerodrome operational requirements we cannot guarantee flights for specific dates; however your voucher is valid for a period of 9 months from date of issue.

9. How far in advance do you need to book?
Due to the nature of the flight it would be advisable to book at least 3 days in advance to your chosen date, if available

10. Is the envelope carrying the tickets marked in anyway?
No, the envelope is unmarked as we would not wish to spoil a surprise.  The voucher is placed inside a specially worded card and place inside a blank envelope.  This is then placed inside another envelope with your receipt of payment.

11. Is the price on the ticket?

12. Can the tickets be delivered to any address?

13. Do I need to wear something warm?
No, although dressing sensibly for the current weather conditions are advised.
For ease of boarding high heels, flip flops and open toed sandals are not recommended.

14. Is there a passenger weight/height limit?
Our aircraft seats have a weight limit of 15 stones and a height limit of 6ft 6in